The Precious Bracelet

Here’s another book by More Africa Series . This one has got to be my favorite one yet…..

Aunty Fatuma is upset because her bracelet is not only missing, but when she finds it, it’s broken.
The bracelet is precious because it links her to past generations in her family. Each bead has a story behind it and keeps her family’s memories alive.

Do you have something in your possession which you would consider an heirloom? Something which gives you a glimpse into part of your family history?

My mum has a pair of dressmaker scissors which was given to her by her mum.
They were the only scissors l knew in our home whilst growing up.
Last year, l asked my mum if there was a story behind them….

My grandma was part of the Salvation Army Church and between 1953 and 1955 she attended various sewing and craft training sessions that were conducted at the church by Maendeleo ya Wanawake; an initiative which nurtured and continues to empower women in various skills. She bought the scissors around 1954/55 to use on her dress making and embroidery activities. She also used them when training and empowering other women with the skills that she had acquired.

When my mum showed interest in handiwork, she gifted them to her. Listening to this story made me connect dots on my creative bone 🦴 😊.

I love how ‘The Precious Bracelet by More Africa Series causes us to look into our family history and unearth precious memories.

I hope this story takes you and your child on an interesting story telling and heirloom adventure which one day your child in turn will pass on to their child.😊

The book is ideal for children aged 8 – 10 years and comes in Swahili as well; a great opportunity to get those Swahili speaking skills going.

You can pick up this book series at Text Book Centre

Do also check out More Africa Series for further details or reach out to them on Facebook or Instagram.

Happy Adventuring (if this is even a word) 😊

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