The Hyena Who Could Not Make Up His Mind

It was many many years ago and it hadn’t rained in a long time. The sun was shining over the Aberdare Ranges like never before.
Hyena was hungry. He hadn’t eaten in a while. As he walked through the Aberdare forest looking for food, his nostrils began to expand as they had picked up an aroma of meat roasting.

The aroma of the roasting meant continued to fill the air. Hyena was excited. His prayers had been answered.
Hyena quickly walked through a path in the forest, following the aroma as he was desperate to get to the meat.
With a rumbling stomach and dripping saliva, he soon found himself at a section where the path divided into two.

Hyena stood there confused. He could almost touch the aroma of the meat with his tongue. “Should I go on the right path or on the left one?”, he wondered.
He wiggled his nose this way and that way. Finally, he decided to take the path on the right. After walking for a while, he couldn’t help thinking to himself that perhaps the path on the left was the one that he should have taken.
He turned around and ran back to where the two paths met and started walking down the left path. As he sniffed this way and that way, he started feeling like he was on the on wrong path again and that the meat would be gone before he got there. In frustration, he went back again again and had an idea. He would walk on both paths and that way he would get to the meat faster.

With his front and back legs on either side of each path, Hyena was excited with his new plan. He started off well, but after a little  while the distance between the two paths became wider and wider. Hyena was in pain and walking was difficult.
He felt like he was going to spilt into two but all he could think of was the meat. After some time, his body could not take it any more.
He spilt into two and never got to the meat.

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