Teen Intern Program

Africa is a continent with so much diversity and culture.

There is a need to create and tell stories from Africa which parents, guardians, and teachers can access and use as additional resources for their children.

Part of this content development includes empowering teens between ages 13-17 to be their brothers and sisters’ keepers by writing short stories which shed light on African proverbs and bring out moral values and lessons, thus preserving the African culture and heritage, passing it on to generations, and adding to the global pot of diverse stories.

The “Dolls on a Mission” social impact initiative which involves supporting Hope For Cancer Kids raise funds to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds access treatment for cancer is an opportunity for teens to give back.

The project involves skills transfer where we teach the teens how to crochet a
comfort doll that will be donated to a child receiving treatment. In addition to making the doll, each student raises money to help a minimum of one child access treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital for a year.

Would like your teen to sign up for the internship? Email umba.creations@outlook.com

Feedback from our interns…

I learned that I take a little time to grasp something but when I do it enough, I eventually get the hang of it as I get encouraged by my progress.

I developed a new skill, crocheting, something I had never done before. I pushed myself even when my fingers were dead and completed the doll.

The good thing with working as a team is that you get help with your areas of weakness since we all have different strengths and weaknesses.

Through this project I solved the problem of poverty coming in the way of access to healthcare. I did this through the money I raised. I’ve learned that if we all come together and contribute a little something in different ways we can make someone’s life better or make their situation more bearable.

I got to learn a lot about myself. I didn’t really think that I could be as creative in the creating of stories. The project tested my creativity and ability to think outside the box.

I learnt that I lack enough patience as my patience was tested when making the dolls. As making dolls requires hard work and patience.

The fact that culture is fading away we found a way to bring up proverbs and facts about various cultures that are meant to instill morals.

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