Super Lisu; My Super Hair

Super Lisu; My Super Hair

Super Lisu is about Kendi, an 8 year old girl from Nairobi who is not aware of what she possesses.
She looks for all the reasons why she is just an ordinary girl; from her looks, to how she talks to where she lives. It’s like she’s on a mission to discount who she truly is.

Don’t we sometimes do that? Feel inadequate, not good enough, like we don’t measure up?

As part of her journey, Kendi makes decisions which have an impact on the people around her, a reminder that actions have consequences.

Many children in Kendi’s age group can relate with her actions and the things that she is struggling with about herself.

Through a series of events, Kendi discovers something that completely changes her life forever.

The story keeps leaving the reader in suspense, wondering what will happen next.

Kenyan author Yolanda Chakava wrote this diverse book to tell modern heroism stories about growing up in Kenya and ‘villains’ seen in everyday lives. The book also celebrates the beauty found in Kenya but most of all, the spirit and courage of black girls.

Yolanda wants children to have more diversity in the content that they are reading and bring out more Kenyan stories with concepts of heroes and courage and build into children’s character.

Such a great diverse book for children aged 7 – 12 years.

Wondering where to get the book? Find it on: Amazon, African Books Collective & Text Book Centre

Do also check out Super Lisu for other outlets.

Happy Reading 😊

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