A Willing Hand – By Kyla Kaka

Chisomo woke up to the call of Pipi the lark who was the beautiful morning bird of her village.
Pipi was always the first awake and would sing charming songs to wake all the other birds.

Chisomo quickly reached for the jerry can under her bed and made her way towards the door.

Outside, lay a pair of beautiful sandals made of cow skin which her father, the village shoemaker had gifted her. She slipped them on and made her way down the hill where the only sounds that could be heard was the wind blowing across the field and the crickets jumping about.

Chisomo made her way towards the bubbling river and collected her share of water as she did every morning.

On her way back up the hill, she spotted her friend Jabulani. She remembered her mother telling her about the hard time Jabulani and his family had been facing as their harvest had been infested by insects and pesticides. Jabulani gave off a soft smile as he reached for his jerry can.

Chisomo admired Jabulani’s spirit of gold and offered up her water, even though she knew she would get in trouble with her mother for not bringing back the water on time.

She poured all her water into the little boys can until it was full and overspilling.
‘’I can always journey back’’, she reassured him.

Chisomo’s act of kindness may not have been seen as much help, but she gave out of the little she had. She was not able to get her morning chores done on time and her mother was not pleased. However, after hearing what Chisomo had done, Chisomo’s mother was proud of her daughter and promised to make her a serving of her favorite plantains when she got back from the market.

Chisomo dreamed of one day bringing water closer to their village so that everyone could have easier access to the water.

”Giving is not losing. It is keeping for tomorrow” – African Proverb


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