Kioko And The Butterfly

Kioko and I were having a great time playing in the garden. Soon the sun was going to bed and it was time to go home.

On the way to the house, Kioko spotted something hanging on a leaf. He could see a butterfly trying to get out of it. It was a cocoon. He watched curiously to see what would happen. He saw the butterfly struggling. It seemed like it was trapped. It was so determined.

Kioko felt sorry for the little fella. He got a stick and tried to help it out. The butterfly came out easily and Kioko was so happy to have helped it come out of its cocoon without much struggle.

He stood by to watch the butterfly expecting it to fly away. Instead, the butterfly crawled around and could not flap its wings.

Although he had good intentions, Kioko interrupted the butterfly’s growth. He did not realize that the butterfly had to struggle so that it could fully develop.

For a caterpillar to turn into a butterfly, it has to be patient as it grows in the cocoon, and it has to struggle out so that it can have a beautiful body and beautiful wings.

Sometimes we struggle in life, and this helps us grow. The struggles make us stronger and give us wings to fly just like the butterfly.

Kioko’s story reminds us of the Swahili proverb; ‘Ngoja kuche si mbali’.

This proverb encourages us to wait because dawn is not far, soon the sun will rise.
It teaches us to be patient when we are going through a hard time because soon it will be over.

By Charlize, Nimu & Wabi


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