Kindness Never Goes Unrewarded

It was a calm evening in the forest.

Dove, after a long day of flying around in the sky, decided to head to the river to drink some water for he was thirsty.

Bee, who had been working all day producing honey had also decided to drink water from the same river. As bee was drinking water, he accidentally got carried away by the currents of the river.

Dove, on seeing this tragic incident that was happening to Bee, quickly helped Bee and saved his life. Bee was very grateful to Dove.

A few days later, a hunter made his way to the forest and spotted Dove. He got his bow and arrow ready to shoot Dove and have a delicious meal.

Bee was buzzing by and saw what was about to happen to poor Dove. He quickly recalled how kind Dove had been days ago when he almost lost his life to a flowing river.

As soon as the hunter took his aim at Dove, Bee quickly stung the hunter’s hand and the hunter missed his aim and Dove flew away. His act of kindness saved his life.

It pays to be kind. Kindness given always comes back.

By Charlize Bett


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