Excelling At Big Things Starts With The Small Ones

“Make the bed well”, “be neat and tidy”, “clear up after meals and leave the kitchen tidy” 😡, and a whole load of a gazillion other things which seemed like such a pain then were some of the things my mum used to say over and over again. 😓
At the time, I had no clue that she was basically teaching us the importance of doing small tasks well as this is what leads to accomplishing greater things in life.

Funny how history repeats itself and we find ourselves on the receiving end of the external and internal eye rolls 🙄 plus super long faces.

This proverb holds true no matter the era.

Excelling at bigger goals starts with gaining skills and building the character it takes to succeed by effectively executing smaller tasks well…..and it starts at home with the seemingly menial chores.

All the best as you pass on this proverb to your little peeps.
They’ll thank you in 2040. I always thank my folks now. Life 😅🤪.

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