Dolls On A Mission

Dolls On A Mission

There’s a buzz 🐝 and excitement in Doll Cottage.
A group of us Squeeshies have been assigned to go on a new mission.

A little while ago, we received a yarn-o-gram (telegram) in doll cottage which said:

Childhood cancer is curable. Many children in Kenya diagnosed with cancer cannot access treatment. Kshs 6000/- (USD 50) per year for a child to get treatment. Support required.
Signed, Hope for Cancer Kids.

We held a town hall and every doll in doll cottage agreed that a group of Comfort Squeeshie dolls who could relate to what the children were going through would be sent out to help accomplish the mission.

The Assignment:

  • Provide comfort and company to children at Kenyatta National Hospital who are receiving cancer treatment.
  • Support Hope for Cancer Kids raise funds for the provision of timely, quality and affordable care.

We sent out a yarn-o-gram to an old friend of Doll Cottage Catherine Dial, who then rallied together a troop of global friends who crochet to help in executing the mission.

The most common types of cancers found in children in Kenya are Lymphoma, Kidney, Eye and Blood cancers. The dolls features are designed to encourage the child that they are not alone and that the doll too can relate.

For every donation (Kshs 3000/- USD 25 minimum), a doll will be given to a child receiving treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital. Each doll will be unique, just like every child is.

What’s even more exciting is that you, your child or family could participate and include a handwritten message of love. (You can send us the messages and we’ll hand write them for you.)

Here’s the link to help the dolls in their mission:  Dolls For Cancer.

Teeth that are together help each other in chewing food. ~African Proverb~

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