Do One Thing Then Move To The Next

Growing up, my mum always told us…”do one thing, finish, then move on to the next thing. That way you do a good job.”

Research has shown that multitasking reduces our efficiency because our brains can only focus effectively on one thing at a time.

Just before the recent end of term exams, my son and I had an agreement that we would carry out an experiment. During his study time, he was to put away ALL distractions and concentrate on whatever he was studying, for twenty minutes. We shook on it. He got his exam results back last week and he has been on cloud nine.

Our forefathers were right. To achieve great things in life, one needs to be focused. When you scatter your efforts trying to do too many things at once, it leaves you with mediocre results and at times not achieve anything at all. Ask the hyena who could not make up his mind 😀.

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