African Stories

Forgive Me Food

“Fufu!” “What?” “Fufu!” Fadhili shouted again. That’s my favourite food. “There’s no such food!” Jabali said, shaking his head. “Now you’re just making things up!” It was a rainy Saturday afternoon at Doll Cottage, and the dolls were keeping busy with a game of Forgive Me Food. Each doll had a turn to say what […]

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Say That Again

“It’s cold today,”Mwenzi said, rubbing her arms. “You can say that again!” replied Doll Lady, sipping her tea. “It’s cold today,” Mwenzi repeated. “Yeah, you can say that again,” Doll Lady nodded. “It’s cold…” “She’s just agreeing with you.” Jameela said, laughing. “Please don’t say it again. We heard you the first two times.” Mwenzi

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Be small to be BIG

The dolls had an amazing afternoon eating the fluffy cinnamon pancakes that Doll Lady made and washed them down with chilled fresh gooseberry juice. They ate and chatted and laughed. Finally, there was just one delicious pancake left on the plate. They looked at each other, suddenly silent. “If no one wants the last pancake,

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What’s In A Name

“Pendo, love,” Doll Lady called. “Could you hand me that basket of yarn please?” Jameela giggled, as Pendo got up to pass the basket. “What’s so funny?”Doll Lady asked, smiling at Jameela. “Thank you love, she said to Pendo,”as she took the basket. Jameela giggled again and all the Dolls looked at her curiously. “It’s

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Amazing Rain

Drip thup plink plonk… The rain beat down on the roof and windows of Doll Cottage. The rainy season was finally here. Doll Village had gone through a long dry season. Doll Lady and the villagers were thrilled about the rain and got busy planting. Vegetables and maize and beans. Trees, flowers and even grass.

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A City in Africa

“What’s Ouaga…do…?” Jameela stuttered. “Ouagadougou.” Doll Lady pronounced it for her, as she put a stamp on the package. “It’s the capital city of Burkina Faso. We’re sending this lovely doll to a little girl there.” “Yes, don’t you know anything?”Jabali said confidently putting the package on the table for Doll Lady. “Burkina Faso is

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Pendo’s Flowers

Something exciting happened in the Doll Cottage garden on Valentine’s Day. Pendo was so excited, she couldn’t stop jumping up and down. “Guess what? Remember the seeds I planted in the garden last month? The ones that grew into little green seedlings with itsy bitsy leaves? Well… today they have pretty white flowers opening up.

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The Precious Bracelet

Here’s another book by More Africa Series . This one has got to be my favorite one yet….. Aunty Fatuma is upset because her bracelet is not only missing, but when she finds it, it’s broken. The bracelet is precious because it links her to past generations in her family. Each bead has a story

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The Yummiest Githeri

When growing up, every other day was githeri day in our home and in many homes across Kenya. I believe that the number one reason for my mum was because maize and beans were readily available,  it was easy to freeze and store in bulk and quick to cook, especially when you got unexpected visitors

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A Visit to the Village

In my search for Kenyan story books, l came across More Africa Series whose aim is to create mirrors for children to see a reflection of their reality. In this book, school is out and like typical Kenyan holidays, Jasiri, Zuri and Toto’s parents take them upcountry to visit their grandparents where they learn so

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