Bend With The Wind

It was a beautiful sunny day in Doll Village. A cool breeze blew a scent of roses and something yummy into Doll Cottage. Wait… it smelled like… could it be…

Cinnamon pancakes??

Those were the dolls’ favorite! The dolls tiptoed one by one towards the kitchen, but the yummy aroma was not coming from the Doll Cottage kitchen.

Doll Lady was sat in her rocking chair, humming a song and crocheting a woolly red mat.

“Please won’t you make some cinnamon pancakes, Doll Lady. Pleeeaaase,” Fadhili asked, as the other dolls nodded pleadingly.

“Well,” said Doll Lady, “I have to finish this mat today, but I can take a few minutes to make my dolls some pancakes. We need some eggs for that. Run and see if the chicken have laid any.”

“It’s Amani’s turn to fetch the eggs,” Fadhili said, frowning.

“Amani’s gone out for his music lesson,” Doll Lady reminded them. “One of you will have to fetch the eggs if you want cinnamon pancakes.”

“Well, it’s my turn to take out the dustbin,” Fadhili said. “I can’t take out the dustbin AND fetch the eggs. Let one of the other dolls do it,” he said, glancing at Pendo.

“I would do it but I’m already dusting and tidying our books and games,” Pendo said with her hands on her hips, looking at Jameela.

“I can’t do it,” Jameela said quickly.” I have to wash the dishes today and I’m afraid I’ll be too tired if I have to get the eggs as well!”, she said as she stared straight at Jabali.

“That reminds me,” Jabali said, turning towards the door, “I have to go sweep up all the leaves outside. I forgot to do it yesterday and now there’s loads.”

“Dolls, dolls, dolls,” said Doll Lady putting down her yarn. “The wind does not break a tree that bends.”

“Well, what do trees have to do with eggs and pancakes?” Pendo asked, glancing outside to see if there was a strong wind blowing. But there wasn’t.

“That’s an African proverb,” Doll Lady explained. “Imagine you’re the tree and the wind is blowing hard. Would you rather bend or break?”

“Bend!” the dolls chorused.

“Well, would you rather take a few moments to fetch the eggs even though it’s not your turn and have pancakes? Or would you rather stick to your own job and not have pancakes?”

The dolls looked down, thinking.

“I want everyone to have pancakes,” Pendo said quietly. “And I want to have pancakes too,” she added with a small smile. “I will get the eggs from the chickens for Amani, then I’ll come and finish up dusting.”

All the dolls looked at her. “Are you happy to do that, Pendo?” Doll Lady asked.

“I am,” she said, with a happy laugh. And she skipped off out the door and towards the chicken house.

“I’m going to take the dustbin out, then help Pendo with the eggs,” Fadhili decided. I’ll give the chickens their water too so Amani can rest when he gets home.”

“And I’ll help Pendo finish dusting,” Jameela declared.

“I want to help too,” Jabali said. “I’ll help you make the pancakes, Doll Lady. I’ll get the other ingredients out for you.”

“Oh my beautiful bending tree dolls!” Doll Lady said with a happy smile, as she headed into the kitchen with Jabali. “Get ready to eat the most delicious cinnamon pancakes you have ever eaten.”

Did you know…

Nelson Mandela was a great bending tree type of leader. When he was president, he was walking in his garden one day and saw the gardener hiding behind some bushes. The gardener did not want to disturb the president, but the president wanted to meet the gardener. Not only did Nelson Mandela chat with the gardener, but he also took him on a helicopter ride to show how his garden looked from above.

Bend with the wind challenge

Surprise someone this week. Bend with the wind and do something unexpected to help them. Watch their reaction.


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