Forgive Me Food

“Fufu!” “What?” “Fufu!” Fadhili shouted again. That’s my favourite food. “There’s no such food!” Jabali said, shaking his head. “Now you’re just making things up!” It was a rainy Saturday afternoon at Doll Cottage, and the dolls were keeping busy with a game of Forgive Me Food. Each doll had a turn to say what …

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Say That Again

“It’s cold today,”Mwenzi said, rubbing her arms. “You can say that again!” replied Doll Lady, sipping her tea. “It’s cold today,” Mwenzi repeated. “Yeah, you can say that again,” Doll Lady nodded. “It’s cold…” “She’s just agreeing with you.” Jameela said, laughing. “Please don’t say it again. We heard you the first two times.” Mwenzi …

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