A Visit to the Village

In my search for Kenyan story books, l came across More Africa Series whose aim is to create mirrors for children to see a reflection of their reality.

In this book, school is out and like typical Kenyan holidays, Jasiri, Zuri and Toto’s parents take them upcountry to visit their grandparents where they learn so many things and have new and fun experiences.

Reading ‘A Visit To The Village’ honestly took me down memory lane, on how during the holidays my folks would bundle my siblings and I into their Peugeot 504 and head out to ‘shagz’ (upcountry) to visit my cúcú (grandma) for a week or more.
We’d spend hours in the shamba (farm) with he,r either planting, weeding or harvesting and get ‘attacked’ by blackjacks in the process.
Then there was the bathing from a basin with water heated over 3 stones, applying of rexona soap as body butter and when we’d gone up levels we’d use cussons imperial leather 😂😂.
One of the things that I absolutely loved was how cúcú (grandma) would always roast us maize when it was in season and for a special treat we’d go out to the local shopping centre for super HOT tea served in a glass with EXTRA GIGANTIC mandazi’s (doughnuts).
Gosh, so many memories.💖

Am sure reading this book will evoke childhood memories for you as well to share with the kids.

What is super cool is that this series on local characters Zuri, Jasiri and Toto has the same story book in both Swahili and English. That just did it for me. 🌟 🙌🏾

The books are available in six different levels.
“A Visit To The Village” is level C and is ideal for age 7-8, annnnnd the cherry on the top is that the story promotes Community, Kindness and Respect. 🙌🏾🥰

If you live outside the country, these Kenyan story books are great in helping kids connect with their roots and develop their Swahili speaking.

This book is ideal for children aged 7 – 8 years.

Wondering where to get the books? Find them at Text Book Centre

Do also check out More Africa Series for further details or reach out to them on Facebook or Instagram.

Happy Reading 😊

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