Passing On Important Values Through Play

Welcome to Rafiki Values Tribe by Umba Creations

We are a Kenyan brand that spreads good character vibes in children through fun products so that they can influence their communities positively.

We hope you find something that resonates with your values to gift a child in your life!


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What Makes Us Unique

Helping develop character, social and emotional learning is what we are about.

We help children learn important skills for life through play and stories.

We bring the very best character traits to life in ways that children can truly relate to through unique and fun products,.

Our dolls, playing cards, books, and other products help foster meaningful connections between children, peers, and the adults in their lives.
Through play and stories told through the dolls, we help you teach life lessons like the value of working hard, treating others with respect, kindness, and much more.

Handmade Dolls

Every child is unique and special, and so are the dolls. Each doll has its own character, making it unique to every child. No two dolls are every the same.

They teach children that each one of us is created uniquely and that physical appearances do not define who we are.

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Drawstring bags to carry the kiddies knickknacks but more than that they are great conversation starters.

Playing Cards

Pick a pack that contains values or one that teaches children to celebrate and embrace differences. Fun with teaching moments.

Coloring Books

You know how it is with kids. They come to you and say, "Please play with me". This set of 2 coloring books is an opportunity to bond and colour together.

Wall Prints

Having inspirational art work in children's spaces to remind them the values that live in them.


For me, I choose Umba Creations because as a mother, the products speak my values that were instilled in me as a young child which I am also passing down to my children. They have character, are authentic, beautiful and speak heart.

I buy umba creations products because I love supporting local and small businesses firstly, second i love what the business stands for and absolutely love the message you are pushing of representation and inclusion.

I love the designs and the quality of work. Everyone we have gifted these too loves them too. I think the fact that the dolls celebrate diversity - are such a great message for children.

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